After having had many, usually unsuccessful conversations at the Brijder Stichting because of a periodic drinking problem, I started looking for an alternative therapy on the advice of my health insurance policy because these forms of therapy are becoming increasingly important. In my opinion, regular addiction care for the common man is nothing more than a revenue model and people are only concerned with the consequences of a problem, the cause is simply not sought. Inez already managed to give me so many new insights after 1 session, as a result of which many entrenched wrong thoughts and habits are disappearing like snow in the sun to this day. I have started reading all kinds of books to support the therapy, which works really great for me.


It has helped me tremendously!
She is a super sweet woman who really wants to help you! I’ve been there three times now and all three times she has prolonged the session for me because she really wants to help me. She really is someone who keeps her promise to you!
Definitely recommended to people who are going through a hard time and are really looking for someone who is there for you and fights for you.

Thank you so much Inez xxx


I am very grateful for the special session with Inez. Her loving guidance and her pleasant voice helped me into a deep hypnosis: it turned out to be an opening to the awareness of many layers in my inner being. Wherever I ended up in the history of my emotional existence, Inez always knew which course was the right one for that moment.


I came to Inez because of pain around my lung and lung membranes from cancer. I wanted to know what hypnosis was, and was in doubt because I wondered if I could get out of hypnosis easily. Inez answered very clearly all of my questions.

I’ve had three sessions now, and have learned to bring myself into hypnosis. I now practice this a few times a day and learn to relax better and better and to get into a light hypnosis.

I have learned very well to relax much better and to have moments of rest in a day which has greatly reduced the pain.

It is important to me that I am in control.

I find Inez knowledgeable, thoughtful, she listens well and connects very well. I would definitely recommend it to others, they have to be open to it and get to work with it themselves.


I came to Inez to get rid of smoking.
I didn’t know if hypnotherapy would really work, I had been smoking for a long time. I had tried to quit before but I could never sustain it, the urge to smoke was too strong.
I’ve had one session now, and the smoking has almost gone out of my system, I almost don’t think about it anymore just when someone lights a cigarette I think oh right.
In the next session we will completely disconnect the need to smoke from drinking a glass of wine.
I haven’t been smoking for 6 weeks now!


I look back on my session from last year with great satisfaction. Because of my hypnosis session with Inez I have stopped smoking for a year now! Inez listened carefully to my wishes and took me by the hand with her experience and expertise to a successful result. I am very grateful to Inez and can recommend her to anyone who wants to stop smoking or take steps with hypnosis as a tool.



After just one session I feel that anxiety I have been carrying with me for many years is dissolving.


I went to Inez for a relationship session, during which I felt very seen and supported by her. This made it easier for me to stay very close to myself and I was stimulated to explore myself.

Beforehand I thought there was little to say, but so much came out that had been deep inside me for a while.

Inez was able to guide this very well. She is tuned in her interpretation and gives subtle suggestions. This brought new discoveries for me and it was very nice to be able to express my deepest feeling.

This is very healing for the friendship between me and my best friend. I can recommend her and we will definitely come back again!


I had a session and it was great!! I immediately felt ‘safe’, trusted. We did Havening and I felt the effect right away; what I came for was gone immediately. I felt really euphoric after the session. In my opinion everyone should have at least one session, it will never have a negative effect! That’s impossible just because you really go to the core that’s bothering you and take it away. I wish everyone this great experience!!


I was left with quite a trauma from a serious accident. Inez helped me a lot in a few sessions. At first I thought that hypnotherapy, which Inez offers, would be the solution, but she convinced me with good arguments that in my situation Havening therapy would help me better. And it did.
I can recommend the hypnopsychologist wholeheartedly and from good experiences.


I have done some very nice sessions and made wonderful discoveries. A wonderful way to relax under the pleasant and safe guidance of Inez.


Been to Inez a number of times now. Super sweet woman who reassures you and knows her profession well. She helped me a lot. Thank you Inez!!!