A transpersonal, psychological and spiritual path of growth

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Pathwork is a psychological and spiritual path of growth where getting to know yourself is a central theme

What is Pathwork?

Pathwork is a transpersonal, psychological and spiritual path of growth in which getting to know yourself is a central key. The essence of Pathwork is that people make their own choices in everything, consciously or unconsciously. Cause and effect play an important role in this. By becoming aware of the automatisms of our negative behavior we can free ourselves from it.

The Pathwork has its origins in a large number of lectures on all kinds of psychological and spiritual topics, written by Eva Pierrakos in the sixtees of the 20th century. These topics range from very basic themes such as needs and desires, the ideal image, sexuality, shame and guilt, fears, to much more complicated themes such as fear of happiness, how people inhibit themselves and others in their search for happiness and satisfaction, spiritual needs and the search for the ‘light’ or ‘God’.

As the term transpersonal indicates, it is about transcending the personal. The basic theme here is that our happiness lies where we can live in truth. From truth we naturally arrive at love and self-transcendence in an organic way. The Pathwork lectures give us directions how we can approach that state of being more and more, with self-knowledge, process what we discover in ourselves, and tackle it.

The initiator of Pathwork is Eva Pierrakos, an Austrian medium. She wrote down the Pathwork as a vision of life in 258 lectures. “The Path” stands for an educational path that every person follows and which is explained by ‘the Guide’.

In 1957, Eva began to give lectures in the United States. A group formed around her calling themselves ‘the Path’. They worked with the lectures and the directions the lectures contained. In this way a series of more than 258 lectures was created, each dealing with a separate subject, but together forming a whole.

All over the world, communities have been formed to study and work with the Pathwork Lectures, and trainings to become a “Pathwork Helper” have been developed. Likewise in the Netherlands.

About 35 years ago I first came into contact with Pathwork. The lectures immediately appealed to me, and what I was missing in my Psychology study, I found in the Pathwork material. It has always been my greatest source of inspiration.

It was only in 2016 that I started the Pathwork training after years of wandering (see ‘Inez‘). I completed this intensive and very valuable training at the end of 2021. 

Pathwork is woven into my Hypnotherapy sessions and my Havening sessions.

The fee for Pathwork sessions is 120 €. These sessions last one hour and are partly reimbursed from supplementary insurance.


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After having had many, usually unsuccessful conversations with the Brijder Foundation, because of a periodic drinking problem, I started looking for an alternative therapy on the advice of my health insurance because these forms of therapy are becoming increasingly important. In my opinion, regular addiction care for the common man is nothing more than a revenue model and people are only concerned with the consequences of a problem, the cause is simply not sought.

Inez managed to give me so many new insights after 1 session, which means that many fixed wrong thoughts and habits are disappearing like snow in the sun to this day.

I have started reading all kinds of books to support the therapy, which works really great for me.


Are you curious about what Pathwork can do for you?

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