The Road to Your Subconscious

Do you want to make the most of your life?

Are you not feeling well, are things in your life not going the way you would like, or are you not doing the things that you would want to do? Then I’ll be happy to help you.

Inez Herrebrugh Psycholoog Nip Hypnotherapeut Haarlem

Inez Herrebrugh

Psychologist NIP and Hypnotherapist

Sometimes the core of a problem lies very deep in our subconscious. So deep you can’t access it easily. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful method to get to those deep layers. By going into hypnosis you get into a deep relaxation. From here we can work with your subconscious, and we can detect problems or images that hinder you. Hypnosis is the way to your subconscious!

Hypnotherapy is so beautiful because it transforms your life from the subconscious. The best thing about hypnosis is that it can treat a very wide range of problems in a short amount of time.

In addition, I use Havening Techniques, a new groundbreaking method from neuroscience, which can be applied for stress, fears, phobias and trauma.

Havening Techniques is a psycho-sensory therapy, using relaxing touch on the arms, palms and face, combined with psychological distraction, enabling you to process profound trauma in a way that you don’t have to go back into the pain of the trauma for very long.

The treatment itself is relaxing and calming, with immediate results.

One of my biggest sources of inspiration is Pathwork. Pathwork is a transpersonal, psychological and spiritual path of growth where getting to know yourself is a central theme. The essence of Pathwork is that people make their own choices in everything, consciously or unconsciously. Cause and effect play an important role in this.

By becoming aware of the automatisms of our negative behavior we can free ourselves from it.

Pathwork is woven into my Hypnotherapy sessions and my Havening sessions. In addition, I also offer individual Pathwork sessions.

My name is Inez

My name is Inez. I am a psychologist NIP and a hypnotherapist. As a psychologist I am concerned with the inner life (thinking, feeling, wanting) and the behavior of people.

I work from the principle that people make their own choices in everything, consciously or unconsciously.

Cause and effect play an important role in this.

The better we get to know ourselves, the more aware we become of ourselves and our environment, the better we can make our choices and we can start to feel happier and freer.

I guide you when you are not feeling so well, when things in your life are not going the way you would like, when you are not doing the things you would like to do.

Inez Herrebrugh Psycholoog Nip Hypnotherapeut Haarlem

I am very grateful for the special session with Inez. Her loving guidance and her pleasant voice helped me into a deep hypnosis: it turned out to be an opening to the awareness of many layers in my inner being. Wherever I ended up in the history of my emotional existence, Inez always knew which course was the right one for that moment.


I had a session and it was great!! I immediately felt 'safe', trusted. Havening done and this effect was felt right away; what I came for was gone immediately. I felt really euphoric after the session. In my opinion everyone should have at least one session, it will never have a negative effect! That's impossible just because you really go to the core that's bothering you and take it away. I wish everyone this great experience!!


Do you feel the desire to:

  • Talk to someone who gives insight and who listens without judgment.
  • Getting closer to yourself and the desire to understand yourself better.
  • To have more space.
  • Solve deep-rooted problems.
  • To stop bad habits, such as smoking

Then make an appointment to see what Hypnotherapy, Havening or Pathwork can do for you.

My practice is located on the Duinlust estate in Bloemendaal, near Haarlem.