"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world" - Albert Einstein
Hypnotherapie Haarlem

My mission

I am a psychologist NIP, Havening Techniques practitioner and a hypnotherapist.

As a psychologist I am concerned with the inner life (thinking, feeling, wanting) and the behavior of people.

My mission is to help people with their personal growth, and to help them bring about transformation in their lives.

I have a holistic view; I am a psychologist, hypnotherapist and astrologer with basic medical knowledge. In addition, I use a new technique from neuroscience: Havening Techniques®.

I use Hypnotherapy as a quick but very effective route to the unconscious, where we can find what is holding us back from living our best lives.


What I stand for is that everyone always has a choice, that sets us free.
I am convinced that we can reach a higher level of consciousness by working on ourselves.
For me, working on yourself means getting to know yourself very well, both your positive and negative sides.
Honesty to yourself is of great importance.

The road to myself and my practice

When I was 18 years old I studied Psychology at the University of Amsterdam, out of a deep desire to understand the human psyche.

After my studies I ended up in an office job, I did research. After three years I ended up in a burnout. The office life did not suit me and I made a switch: I decided to start a photo studio with my former lifepartner. As the daughter of a photographer, photography had always been my passion.

For years I ran a successful photo studio in a beautiful building in the center of Haarlem. Then digital photography was introduced, and our profit halved in a year.

In the meantime I had given birth to three beautiful children. Again I was faced with the choice of a career switch. It made sense to me to do something that could be combined with small children, and I went back to study.

I did various astrology courses, and I also did the Pabo (early childhood education), with the idea of ​​becoming a school psychologist.

Things turned out differently, I worked as a substitute teacher for a while but couldn’t find any satisfaction in that. My marriage fell apart, and I went to work in an Italian restaurant for a while to survive economically.

There I met an Italian cook, with whom I started a catering company and later an Italian restaurant, in the same building in Haarlem where the photo studio was previously located.

This also turned out differently than I expected. After a month of being quite successful as a restaurant, I was unsuspectingly writing menus in my business one afternoon. I was startled by a huge blow: suddenly the door was smashed in and there was suddenly a police team in my restaurant. The Italian turned out not to be who I thought, was arrested with great violence and ended up in prison. Once again I was faced with an important choice: should I continue with my restaurant or should I stop. I chose the former, and continued with other cooks.

In the years following I found myself more and more longing to do something with my original training, psychology.

I started with the helpership training of Pathwork, which I completed at the beginning of 2022. Pathwork is an intensive transpersonal path of growth in which getting to know yourself is a central theme, with a holistic view on mankind that forms a connection between meditation and psychology.

More and more I came ‘home’ to myself, and I felt the desire to help people on their path.

After seven years of running my restaurant with great pleasure, the last years of which together with my daughter, I decided to change course one more time, and closed the restaurant.

I did the Hypnotherapy training, the Havening Techniques® training and the Basic Medical Knowledge training, in order to have the broadest possible basis for my work as a psychologist.

I did these trainings with great pleasure, there was a ‘click’ within me and I knew that I had found what I had been looking for for so long: finding a way in which I can help people to empower themselves and tackle deep-seated problems.

I had to change course several times to come home to myself and really feel what I wanted to do most. Now I have arrived where my real passion lies and what I once started when I was 18: psychology and the subconscious mind of the human being.

It gives me deep satisfaction when I help people to feel better and to be able to move on on their paths of life.

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I am very grateful for the special session with Inez. Her loving guidance and her pleasant voice helped me into a deep hypnosis: it turned out to be an opening to the awareness of many layers in my inner being. Wherever I ended up in the history of my emotional existence, Inez always knew which course was the right one for that moment.


I had a session and it was great!! I immediately felt 'safe', trusted. Havening done and this effect was felt right away; what I came for was gone immediately. I felt really euphoric after the session. In my opinion everyone should have at least one session, it will never have a negative effect! That's impossible just because you really go to the core that's bothering you and take it away. I wish everyone this great experience!!


Do you feel the desire to:

  • Talk to someone who gives insight and who listens without judgment
  • Getting closer to yourself and the desire to understand yourself better
  • To feel more free
  • Solve deep-rooted problems
  • To stop bad habits, such as smoking

Then make an appointment to see what Hypnotherapy, Havening or Pathwork can do for you.

My practice is located on the Duinlust estate in Bloemendaal, near Haarlem and Amsterdam.